About Me and This Website

I’m a guy who likes making photos!  There is something about being able to create a still image of a moment in time, that has the ability to evoke certain feelings in a viewer, that I find immensely intriguing and satisfying. This blog  charts my journey as a photographer from where I started through to where I am now,  and the photos posted here reflect that. They are not all of my photos, nor necessarily all of my best photos, but they are ones that I either learned something from, or felt I improved on something. There are also a few that I am just really proud of and are/were my best work at the time of posting.

If for some reason you see a photo that you like and want a high resolution version for a print (or some other use) then please .  I’m sure we can work something out.

I am also available for basic event photography if you live on the Brisbane’s north side.

Studio/Outdoor portrait sessions are available at very affordable rate as well.  Please for more info

If you are a budding model or makeup up artist on Brisbane’s north side and are looking for some to collaborate on some tfp work please feel free to

You can check out my Flickr profile over  Here

My Instagram is  Here